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Pork Liver Stirfry with Ginger and Rice Wine

Pork Liver Stirfry with Ginger and Rice Wine

I know, eeeeyew! and yuck! (We'll wait a few seconds while the liver-avoiders exit....)

This dish exemplifies all I love about what food blogging and food blogs have contributed to my cooking. The other day I was reading and nodding my head at Ed's rant at The Slow Cook about the sad state of pork today, and I came to this line: "I'm yearning for squishy livers, glistening kidneys, funky trotters. I want to see slabs of smoked bacon, gnarly hocks, fresh pork bellies...." and it stuck in my mind...until a couple of days later I when I was in my regular market. This store serves a fairly diverse population and so has a meat section labeled "Offal" for those who like the things Ed likes, and I saw some suitably squishy livers and bought them with no idea what I would do with them, just because Ed had reminded me how much I like liver now and then.

Later, I googled pork livers to get some ideas and found this recipe from Ellena at Cuisine Paradise. I'd never seen Ellena's blog before but suddenly we were united in the land of pork liver, although she's in Singapore and I'm in Maine. Ellena has a few ingredients in her recipe that I didn't have (and wasn't familiar with) so I just pretended they didn't exist and went merrily on my pork-liver way. The result was very satisfying, thank you very much, and I ended up once again being thankful for the world of food bloggers and their shared enthusiasms and recipes.

I served this with steamed Japanese rice and turnip greens steamed with garlic.

Pork Liver Stirfry with Ginger and Rice Wine

(adapted from a recipe at Cuisine Paradise)

12 oz fresh pork liver
6 stalks scallion
1 medium onion
1" piece fresh ginger, shredded
1⁄2 C rice wine
2 T sesame oil
2 T soy sauce
1 tsp cornstarch dissolved in 1-1/2 T water
hot sauce to taste
fish sauce to taste

Slice the pork liver thinly and set aside.

Cut the scallion into 3 sections, then cut the onion into thick slices.

Place the sesame oil in a heavy pan and heat, then stir-fry the ginger and onion until fragrant but still slightly crunchy. Add in the pork liver and half the scallion sections. Stir, then add in the soy sauce and rice wine. When the sauce starts to boil, stir the cornstarch mixture and add to the pan. Stir until the sauce thickens slightly and remove from heat.  Season to taste with fish sauce and hot sauce.

To serve, top with the reserved scallion sections.

Note: don't overcook or the liver gets tough.


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Oh, liver ... some bad memories are surfacing. Well, school lunch was bad from the beginning, so liver was obviously awful. However, I've grown up and you know, you're right -- it's not that bad. Thanks for reminding me.

You're right, Stephen. Food blogging does transport us places we would never have imagined, such as Singapore for pork liver. You have really lit a fire, and from such a humble starting point. Who knew?

OK, I missed the "liver" in the article title or I probably wouldn't have clicked through...I probably should be more open minded about offal, it looks good in your photo!

It looks great but being Jewish I have some very scary memories of liver of any sort.

My Dad scared me off liver by grilling chicken livers. However...I can't pass up Foie Gras!!

Pork Liver? how truly interesting ... isn't it amazing that in years and years of browsing cookbooks and food magazines, I never came across a recipe for that. How different is it from chicken liver [which i am a fan of :)]?

In Korea, we eat steamed pork's liver with 'Sundae'. :)

Bravo for grabbing some pork liver and just running with it! It looks delicious, like Chinese sausage, even though I only eat liver in pate format.

Please post something new. Seeing that liver everytime I pop in here is enough to make me come out of lurkdom. Great site by the way. :)

hmmm...what have you guys been doing for dinner? I'm guessing take-out diner food...the blueberry pie and ice cream diet?

Hey! That's my favourite. I like it seasoned with dark and light soya sauce, a dash of pepper and stir fried till crispy then sprinkle sugar on them. Makes great appetisers. Hmmm yum Stephen, yum....

Steven...I miss your daily posts, I keep checking back and still see the picture of your liver creation! I am starting to resent liver...I miss reading your blog. I live in Central Maine and the food is starting to get really wonderful, aren't you getting inspired?
You are missed!
Regards, Annie

Hello Stephen,
I am getting a little worried ~ I hope everything is okay at your end. You are sooo.. missed.


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